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The project known as "Re-Conception" is an endeavor curated by the mythical, esteemed and visionary artist, Stephen Pregger. Conceptualized as mpreg social art, participants are urged to prepare themselves for an extraordinary encounter, as incomprehensible fantasy art is created by Midjourney ai.

Consider a fantasy scenario where gender roles are reversed. Specifically, envision a world where men, against all odds, behold the incredible gift of life. It is a world where males carry an absolute "YY" chromosomal zygote structure which grants them the extraordinary ability to give birth.

In this thought-provoking fantasy scenario, men navigate the journey of conceiving, experiencing a 12-month gestation period, and childbirth. The project aims to courageously delve into the experiences of men as they navigate sensitive topics, such as pregnancy, abortion, contraception, gender inequality, body shaming, reproductive health, ageism, and sexism, among others. It endeavors to understand how such a society might approach these profound matters.

Our goal is not to assert that men can navigate these topics better than women, but to simply offer a different perspective on these issues. For instance, a male voice raising awareness about workplace pay inequalities could potentially resonate with a specific audience that might otherwise overlook such concerns.

Notably, upon careful reflection, could it be that the concept of gender extends beyond biological boundaries and instead exists as a malleable social construct?

Come join us as we venture into uncharted thinkingHypothesizing together as a community how this unique realm would function and what its appearance might be.

Artist objective

"It's much more important to be interested than to be interesting; art should move you to not only be curious, but move you to become part of the dialogue and take action if called upon."

Stephen K. Pregger




What can you do?

Engage in sincere exploration of this intriguing alternate reality. Approach each individual's mpreg bio-portrait depiction within the gallery with empathy and regard as if they were actual and familiar to you. Share these narratives on social platforms so as to celebrate and support the pregR Re-Conception project. We hope you will create discussion and discourse both here at the Disqus section, and also within your own social spaces; and subscribe to the free pregR Artlist for fandom project updates and notifications.

In summary, we aspire to inspire. We hope to motivate you to embark on your own creative expedition and share your artistic interpretations. Do you create mpreg art works? We look forward to viewing your own pregR artistic iterations. Be sure and tag us along the way with any of our below hashtags and we'll be sure to always find your content.











Finally, Women; biologically born, altered, self defined or otherwise; we see you. We firmly believe that reproductive rights and bodily autonomy are human rights, not just women's rights... Thank you for allowing the pregR "Re-Conception project" the privilege to ponder and participate within your beautiful space.

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